Saturday, February 10, 2007

Who says Hollywood regulars want to guard their privacy?

Isaac Daniel is ramping up for release of his Compass Global 1000 sneakers, which have embedded GPS technology which can be used for tracking of Alzheimer's patients (and misused for tracking teens out and about - Daniel recommends against this). To stir up interest, the first batch of shoes will only go to 1,000 people. This limited edition has naturally stirred up interest among celebrities.

Isaac Daniel and his ingenious GPS sneaker has taken hold with special VIP and Celebrity guests at Spring 2007 Mercedes Benz fashion week shows in Los Angeles.

Soprano regular Katherine Narducci, Project Runway designer Vincent Libretti, My Celebrity Home host Mark Montano, Actors Sinbad, Angela Bassett and Desperate Housewives Kiersten Warren were just a few of the people in awe of this amazing product.

Mr. Daniel was thrilled at the reception he received in LA. While there he was also a special guest at Randolph Duke’s book launch party where he got to meet and mingle with Randolph and Virginia Madsen.

I'm just waiting for a celebrity to publicly admit that he or she is wearing the shoe. You know that this will cause the Harvey Levins of the world to try to hack into the shoe to track said celebrity's movements.



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