Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The smart phone, nowhere to go, suburban robots that monitor the time

As you get ready for the daylight saving time change, remember that your toaster is toast, but you can fix your phone.

If you own a device that is running Microsoft Windows Mobile for Pocket PC or Microsoft Windows Mobile for Smartphone, do not try to edit the registry. The registry modifications that are mentioned in this article are intended only for device manufacturers. Instead, download the update for your device from the following Microsoft Web site:

If you do not update your Windows Mobile-based device, the clock on the device will be incorrect by one hour when daylight saving time (DST) changes occur. Specifically, calendar items will incorrect by one hour during the extended DST period. This period lasts for three weeks in March and for one week in November.

Interestingly enough, this Knowledge Base article has been edited in the last three hours. When I initially updated my phone, I was told to go to

P.S. I've tried to make this new blog Windows Mobile friendly. Let me know if I succeeded, or didn't.


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