Monday, February 26, 2007

An editing error

I was re-reading my random story generator post, via my mobile phone, when I discovered an editing error.

Specifically, I forgot to edit something out.

When I write blog posts on a normal computer (and not on a smartphone, like I'm doing now), I follow my (formerly) super secret template, which (surprise) often concludes with a brief editorial comment on my part.

But not on the random story generator post.

By the way, when you email posts to Blogger (as I'm doing now), I know of no way to add Blogger labels. And tags (or any links) would be a pain to add at this point. So if you see labels and links in this post, rest assured that I added them later.

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Ontario Emperor said...

Interestingly enough, this email post took forever to be posted here. Is it just me, or is the email posting feature glitchy?