Sunday, February 11, 2007

Guerilla Marketing in Wyoming

In a slow news day regarding the Aqua Teen Hunger Force/Peter Berdovsky/Sean Stevens affair, attention has shifted west to a successful guerilla marketing campaign in Wyoming.

Two weeks ago, the nation was abuzz over a series of electronic advertisements placed along Boston freeways advertising for the cartoon "Aqua Teen Hunger Force."...

[A]s photographers were snapping pictures of the two individuals apparently responsible for skulduggery, someone in Wyoming apparently was smiling.

That would be Jim Mitchell, the owner of the Lander Bar.

The Jackson Hole News and Guide's Feb. 7 edition, as well as the Lander Journal the same day, ran photos of graphic artist Peter Berdovsky as he was taken into custody the day the stunt was done. Berdovsky, a graphic artist who helped create the signs and to the delight of many who live within proximity of the popular watering hole, was arrested wearing a "Lander Bar" T-shirt.

"It's funny just because the whole concept of it all has been guerrilla marketing," Mitchell, a Jackson resident for decades, told the News and Guide.

"Without really trying to do anything, we got quite a bit of publicity."

The question of how Berdovsky got said t-shirt is still open to question, and since any journalist worth his or her salt is either in Florida or the Bahamas right now, it will probably never be solved.


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