Friday, February 9, 2007

Break it like Fabio Capello

Remember when Fabio Capello told David Beckham that he would never work in that town (Madrid) again? Well, Fabio changed his mind.

David Beckham came back in from the cold last night when Fabio Capello performed a humiliating U-turn and included him in the Real Madrid squad for the first time in a month....Capello has come under increasing pressure to recall Beckham in the past 10 days. With Madrid winning just twice in six games without him, fans and team-mates have expressed their desire to see Beckham back in the side...."This is not about the players saying they want him back," Capello said. "This is purely about Beckham's work. After he signed such a big contract with the American team, we had doubts that he would be so committed. This week he has trained perfectly. Not just good, better than good."

So Capello made some assumptions about Beckham's training regimen. And we all know that when you assume....


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