Thursday, March 5, 2009

Where's Willard? All over!

I'm working in my hotel room, typing up notes from two days of meetings.

And I actually turned my off, and turned the TV on.

And there was Jim Vance.

You have to understand that when I was growing up in the Washington area in the 1970s, Jim Vance was the newscaster back then. Of course, his Afro was big, and his hair wasn't white, but he was still around on NBC.

Along with a weathercaster who got a bit of national fame later, in the 1980s - a man named Willard Scott.

So where is Willard today?

He'll be celebrating his 75th birthday on March 7, 2009 (or so Wikipedia tells me). And MSNBC still promotes Scott's centenarian birthday greetings.

Scott's wife died in 2002, resulting in an emotional interview with Larry King in 2003. But, according to PARADE, as of August 2008 he was seeing someone else.

Q Has the Today show’s Willard Scott remarried since the death of his wife? —Melody Perry, Newport Beach, Calif.

A Not yet. “But I have a lady that I squire around a lot,” says Scott, 74, whose wife of 43 years, Mary, died in 2002 from breast cancer. “I like my new lady so much that I bought a house in Connecticut to be closer to her.”

Going a bit back, if you go to The Joy Boys website you can see a YouTube video with excerpts from the last Joy Boys radio broadcast.

Ed Walker, by the way, is still on the radio at WAMU.

Here are some recent articles about Willad Scott from Guilford, Connecticut and Alexandria, Virginia.

But Scott has also participated in P.D.Q. Bach concerts (as part of "New Horizons in Music Appreciation"). See Daily Kos, and this piece.

Wait a minute?

A Copland parody?

More later.

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