Monday, February 2, 2009

Yes, Laura Lepistö DID win the European Figure Skating Championships

Previously I posted and shared about Laura Lepistö's victory in the European figure skating championships, which were held in Helsinki this year.

However, there was a little hiccup after the event was over, which was noted when Carolina Kostner posted the following on her website:

We would like to inform you that the complaint submitted by the Italian Skating Federation (FISG) to the ISU concerning the marks Carolina received by the technical pannel for the long program at the European Figure Skating Championships HAS BEEN ACCEPTED and will be discussed by the ISU commission. The Italian Skating Federations (FISG) will update us as soon as the ISU provides the official release with the final decision.

So what was the problem?

A spin in Carolina's long program was not counted - not because she made a mistake but because of a debatable interpretation of the rules, therefore the "sit spin" was called a "combination spin". Carolina lost gold not for something she has not done but because of a quarter of revolution over the maximum of revolutions allowed in upright position at the end of her sit spin.

But now the ISU has reached a decision:

The “complaint” filed on Carolina Kostner’s behalf with the ISU regarding the scoring at the 2009 European Championships will not be heard.

In response to a query, ISU Media Coordinator Devra Pitt Getaz told International Figure Skating: “As per Rule 123 of the ISU General Regulations 2008, no protest is allowed for field of play decisions. Therefore the result as published is final.”

Kostner seems to have accepted the decision. Noting the original announcement of the complaint that was on her website, apparently the website has been updated:

The notice was posted on Kostner's official website after the competition. The post is no longer on her website. Instead the home page notes Kostner is the 2009 European silver medalist.

Kostner's website is here, by the way.

More later, I'm sure...

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