Thursday, January 1, 2009

OE Knows Illinois - Richard Joseph Daley

Ah, Mayor Daley. We "know" about him, but here's some of the less visible things about him, courtesy BiographyBase.

Known to the world as a Democrat, Daley's first elected position was as a Republican member of the Illinois legislature. When Republican David Shanahan died, Daley switched parties long enough to be elected to serve out his term and, immediately after the election, returned to the Democratic party.

Daley suffered his only political defeat in 1946 when he lost a bid to become Cook County sheriff.

Daley was not inaccessible, meeting each morning in a news conference, taking all questions - if not answering all of them.

A few wards were tied to the local mafia or crime syndicate, but Daley's own ward was clean and his personal honesty was never questioned successfully.

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