Friday, January 9, 2009

Evening Prexy Piece (my contribution to FriendFeed's 80's Photos Weekend)

Apparently it's 80's Photos Weekend on FriendFeed. There are already contributions from Queen of Spain (who was presumably Princess of Spain back in those days), Pete D, The Bohemian Penguin, The Amber, Mattie Kenny, and Adriana.

So, against my better judgement, I dug up my college photo album.

No, not the one that served as Reed College's 1983 yearbook, which included a picture of a naked guy, a picture of someone being crucified with the word "Aerbo" over his head (people who were at Reed circa 1981 will understand completely), and a picture of an economics student, in jacket and tie in the pool hall, busily reading his first year economics book from several years previous.

No, these are the photos that my friends and I took, and yes, there's a nude one in there too. Actually, it's a moon. No, it's not of me. And no, I'm not going to scan it.

But this picture is probably embarrassing enough.

A little explanation is in order. As you can see, this picture was taken in approximately April 1981, which would have been toward the end of my sophomore year. The picture was taken in Prexy, Reed College's music building. No, I wasn't taking any music courses, but I'd sneak in there at times and mess around on the pianos a bit. (Until I threw out all my old cassettes, I had preserved a number of tapes that I made in Prexy, including one with my version of Talking Heads' "Drugs.")

This is not the way that I normally dressed at Reed; it's actually somewhat fancier than my usual attire. The psychedelic top was something that I had gotten from a friend in Virginia, but rarely wore. The shades were my shades (these days I just use clip-ons when the future's so bright).

Actually, I'm looking at some of the other pictures now. This one's relatively tame.

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