Thursday, December 25, 2008

What I DIDN'T get this Christmas

Once one reaches a certain age, one doesn't necessarily want the latest gizmo for Christmas. I can honestly tell you that the first item on my Christmas list this year was socks. Thankfully, I got them, and I also got some other very nice things that weren't even on my Christmas list.

But I can truly give thanks for the fact that there were several things that I DIDN'T get this Christmas. Now perhaps a few of you would actually like some of these items...but I wouldn't.

  • A singing telegram from Andrew Fletcher, performing an acoustic version of "Pleasure Little Treasure" (even just acoustically, this is IMHO the worst song the Depeche Mode has ever recorded)

  • Some "Number 2.0" from twins Matthew and Sarah (perhaps their parents would like it, but not me)

  • A white Christmas (yes, I was born in Chicago, but that was a long time ago - having lived in southern California for over a quarter century, snow is pretty much foreign to me)

  • A front-row seat at a taping of "Oprah" (the prospect of being surrounded by the You-Go-Girl nation puts fear in my heart)

  • A one-on-one counseling session with Donald Trump (if he were so successful, why the hair?)

  • A day with Woz (I like Woz and find him inspirational, but I fear that I probably couldn't understand half of what he talked about - and anyway, it's my wife who is the former teacher)

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