Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Random Swell Topics, Unfettered!

A friend of mine went to see the Ontario Reign, our local minor league hockey team. He enjoyed the experience, since he got really close seats - the arena isn't that big, and not many people are coming.

Another one to add to the list of overused words (sorry, can't find original post). In an e-mail on Monday, someone noted that a particular software feature had not yet been "exercised." I replied with a picture of Richard Simmons.

I know someone who has a dream of becoming a journalist. Sadly, I was the one who informed this person of the Tribune's bankruptcy filing.

And I'm sorry if you don't agree, but this "call in gay" thing tomorrow is unbelievable. Not because of the poor timing of the possible economic disruption - it's just the whole idea of calling in gay sounds like it trivializes the issue. Especially when you consider that when you call in sick, you often make a great effort (snort) to sound (cough) like you're sick. Are we going to hear THIS tomorrow?

Yes, boss, I'm just so SORRY to be calling in this early, because I'm sure that you've been busy SHOPPING SHOPPING SHOPPING, but I just HAVE to tell you that I'm feeling REALLY REALLY GAY today and I won't be at work. I'll probably just stay home and watch some Judy Garland movies, and maybe a bit of pro wrestling - mmmmmmm!

Advice: before launching any type of marketing campaign, be sure to test the campaign against people who may not be all that receptive to it. And yes, that means that Sarah Palin should have tested her wisecracks against John Aravosis.

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