Wednesday, December 31, 2008

OE Knows Illinois - Move your business to Illinois

As junior Senator from Illinois, I will be expected to represent the state and tell people why it is so wonderful. One of my jobs will be to extol the wonderful business climate of the state. Luckily, I can crib from the State of Illinois Business Portal.

Why Come to Illinois

The answer is simple. Because everything you need to make your business venture a success exists within our borders.

First Class Workforce – Illinois boasts a first-class workforce that is both well-educated and among the most productive in the country. And through its innovative job training programs, Illinois is constantly working to stay ahead of the pack.

Unparalleled Infrastructure – Not only does Illinois offer one of the best Interstate Highway networks in the nation, but Illinois is also at the center of the national rail network, is home to O'Hare International Airport, the world's 2nd busiest airport, as well as major commuter hubs both at Midway Airport and throughout downstate Illinois. In addition, Illinois is home to a dozen port districts, some located in Foreign Trade Zones, which provide low-cost production and warehousing facilities for imported and export-bound products. And if you are looking to transport information, Illinois has one of the most technologically advanced and cost-effective telecommunications infrastructures in the nation.

Abundant Energy Resources – The abundant supply of Illinois' electric capacity ensures long term rate stability for consumers and businesses alike. In addition, Illinois is the nation's leader in generating nuclear power, and alone accounts for almost 1/8 of the total U.S. reserves of coal.

Diverse Landscape – The diversity of the state's landscape – from the urban Chicagoland region, to the rolling hills of Southern Illinois, and all the medium sized communities in-between, you will be able to find the right region of Illinois to do business.

Access to Key Industries – The diverse nature of Illinois makes it a proven location for many key industries. From manufacturing, to agriculture, to warehousing, to the new emerging fields in technology, Illinois is a successful home for all, and can be for your business as well.

Quality Living – From its impressive post-graduate education facilities, to its moderate climate, to its sports and recreation opportunities; Illinois offers great quality of living.

Business Incentive Programs – In addition, the state of Illinois offers a wide variety of incentive programs to prospective and existing businesses.

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