Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fox Soccer Report's Topic of the Week needs an amendment - Roy Keane has left Sunderland

Up in Winnipeg they produce a show called the Fox Soccer Report that airs nightly in both Canada and the United States. I've been known to post screen captures of their goofs on occasion, such as the time that they claimed that Arsenal had played 22 games in the EPL, while the other teams hadn't played more than 11.

But this week they made a goof of sorts, and can't really be blamed for it.

Every Monday, the Fox Soccer Report shares a "Topic of the Week" on Monday. The show solicits answers from its viewers throughout the week, closing the submissions late Thursday evening. On Friday, the show picks three viewer answers, reads them on the air, sends valuable junk to the viewers, and then lets resident analyst Bobby McMahon weigh in on the topic in question.

So, here's the topic that the Fox Soccer Report shared on Monday:

Time's up? After bringing Sunderland back from the dead in the Coca-Cola Championship two seasons ago and restoring the club to its Premiership status, former Manchester United star Roy Keane is beginning to feel the managerial strain that comes with high [expectations] and a few big-name signings. Last year it was all about survival and Keane did an admirable job, but this year the Black Cats expect much more than to be fighting relegation just before the Boxing Day fixtures. Is it time for Roy Keane to move on from Sunderland?

They've been pumping this question every night, and on Wednesday night one of the anchors (possibly Derek Taylor) added the comment, "...or should he just shave the beard?"

Well, the beard may be the only thing left for Fox Soccer Report viewers to comment on, because I just read a report in EPL Talk Thursday morning (Pacific time) stating that Roy Keane has resigned.

The Thursday edition of the Fox Soccer Report will air seven hours from now, and they'll obviously need to address this question. No, they won't close the Topic of the Week submissions, but the later submissions will obviously have a different tone.

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