Monday, November 17, 2008

Whatever happened to Rich Hall?

Or, "Riippumatta siitä, mitä tapahtui Rich Hall?"

Let's jump back to the thrilling days of Saturday Night Live. Back before the woman with the glasses - whoops, sorry - did the news, there were all sorts of people that sat behind the Weekend Update desk. Of all of these luminaries, my favorite in that role was Brad Hall. He didn't smirk his way through the news like Chevy Chase, Dennis Miller, and some others did, and he didn't show us his bra like Jane Curtin did (not that I would have cared). Brad Hall just delivered the news, looking serious and professional, which heightened the contrast between his behavior and the so-called news he was reporting.

But I'm not talking about Brad Hall. I'm talking about Rich Hall - whoops, sorry - who was on in a later season. I never heard of him again.

Until now:

Comedy fans in Finland rejoice! Legendary American comedian and former Saturday Night Light cast member, Rich Hall, will be performing at the Peacock Theatre in Linnanmaki this Wednesday Night along Canadian comic Craig Campbell.

I'm sorry, but this sounds like something that should be starring Bill Murray, with Paul Shaffer tinkling on the keys.


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