Thursday, November 20, 2008

Virtual cards, repeated communication, and Twitterville

This is a smorgasbord post that's focused on business-related items.

My discovery of the day is the one that (jeff)isageek blogged about - contxts, a way for U.S. users to send virtual "business cards" via SMS. Anything within a 140-character limit can be associated with a name, and can then be texted to you or to someone else. To try it out, request information for "daniel" by txting "daniel" to 50500. And once you've set up your own virtual card and associated it with your mobile phone, you can then txt "send 5558675309" to send your own virtual business card to an associate (in this case, Jenny).

I found another business tip from Jeff Lash entitled Reinforce your product-related communication. Actually, it applies to ANY important communication - if it's important, you may have to repeat it more than once. If you don't believe me, then stay focused on this paragraph and tell me the five-digit SMS code for Contxts. Don't remember? It's 50500. Case in point.

Oh, and there's a business book coming down the pike. Shel Israel has announced that he's working on a book called Twitterville. Israel asserts that the economic downturn will allow older, inefficient business patterns to "fall by the wayside," and allow new, (presumably) efficient patterns to take their place. He notes that "this book needs to get out fast," but can he get it out fast enough? One disadvantage of the book form is that it takes a long time to write and produce an entire book, while Julia Roy can knock off a Tweet Week in a day or less. We'll see what happens. (And no, Loren Feldman, I don't have ordering information for the book.)

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