Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some amateur - Vicki Lawrence pwns Carol Burnett

I just wrote something on my Empoprise-MU music blog that took a sudden detour into Vicki Lawrence territory.

You know the story - oh, maybe you don't:

Vicki Lawrence was discovered by Carol Burnett in a manner that has become show business legend. Lawrence was still a high school student in Inglewood, a small city surrounded by Los Angeles, when she wrote a fan letter to Carol Burnett remarking on how people thought they looked alike. Burnett examined the enclosed photograph and agreed. She surprised the younger woman by telephoning her and agreeing to attend the Miss Fireball pageant which Lawrence went on to win. Realizing that Lawrence had some performing experience (she had appeared with the Young Americans singing group for three years), Burnett and her husband, Joe Hamilton, signed Lawrence to appear as a regular on Burnett's CBS variety series, primarily to portray Burnett's younger sister in an on-going skit.

Well, Lawrence held her own when she made it to the show, and was certainly capable of engaging in the show's favorite activity - namely, cracking everyone else up.

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