Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MySpace 2.0

Marshall Kirkpatrick wrote the following on November 10:

MySpace launched "Profile version 2.0" late last night and a number of the changes are quite significant. The two biggest in our minds are the ability to set different privacy controls for different parts of a user's profile and the near complete adherence to W3C HTML standards....

Fully aware that major changes often cause a major backlash, MySpace has made Profile 2.0 fully opt-in and is saving a copy of their Profile 1.0 of any users who switch, for 90 days. That's smart.

Since it was little risk, I went ahead and updated my MySpace profile. I didn't really change any settings. Other than noting that some of my display items now occupy much more space (my Twitter widge is immense), I've run across a problem with my top 26 - namely, the fact that it's only showing my top 8, despite the setting saying that I should be displaying my top 26.

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