Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Twitter Grader Tweet Cloud

I just caught Episode 1 of Julia Roy's Tweet Week, and I figured I'd give Twitter Grader a spin. The application, available at, looks at the data associated with your Twitter feed you.

I ended up with a Twitter Grade of 94, and a Twitter rank of 13,745 out of 236,480.

As I've mentioned previously, I personally think that my grade is way too high, partially because it's heavily based upon my past Twitter use. My Twitter use has decreased significantly, but you can't necessarily tell it through my rankings.

The more interesting part of this exercise was the Tweet Cloud created by the application. Once I saw it, I realized that this is based upon more recent tweets of mine. Anyway, here's the cloud:

You'll note a few things when you look at this cloud:

  • I am obviously self-centered: "my" is by far the largest word.

  • You can also see a clear explanation of why my Twitter use has died off. Can you see the name of another social media application in the cloud?

  • The "" entry requires some explanation. On Friday evening, FriendFeed user Tanath shared a wish in the FriendFeed Feedback room. He had sent two tweets that happened to cite the same URL, and FriendFeed automatically declared the two tweets "related," even though they weren't. In an effort to duplicate the problem, I issued several unrelated tweets citing a single URL - guess which URL I cited?

  • I like Caroline, and I like song lyrics.

  • I'm not quite sure of the meaning of the words "post will strip." For the record, I am fully clothed as I am typing this. Well, I'm not wearing shoes, so I guess the foot fetishists can get happy.

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