Sunday, November 9, 2008

More on the "High School Musical" musical

As I've previously mentioned, I'm preparing to appear as part of the ensemble (as a teacher) in a stage production of "High School Musical."

Our group is not the first one to have done this. And we haven't won an award for our production. Of course, our first performance is next Thursday, so it would be kinda hard to win anything.

USA Today has presented an award, however:

Since it exploded onto the scene two years ago, Disney's "High School Musical" quickly became one of the most widely produced shows in -- where else? -- America's high schools.

This year, USA WEEKEND created a special Showstopper award to recognize the best among those productions, in partnership with Disney Theatrical Productions.

The honor goes to Pickerington High School North in Pickerington, Ohio.

North, not East?

Among the show's attributes were a two-level stage set, a seven-piece live band, crisp choreography and dynamic ensemble performances.

But take a look for yourself:

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