Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Whatever happened to Dr. Joyce Brothers? And her hot tub? And can we please please please call the Police?

Talk about a trip down memory lane.

When a Tuesday FriendFeed conversation deteriorated (or elevated) into a conversation about Eddie Murphy's James Brown/hot tub routine, I was the one that recalled that the clip mentioned Dr. Joyce Brothers. And I was proud of that.

Well, the trendy psychologist of earlier decades is still around. MyCrimeSpace links to a March 2008 column in which Brothers consoles a parent whose son, a college senior, chose the MySpace name "2 Drunk 2 Care."

It's one thing to assume a "cool" screen name, and quite another to post your picture so that people can put a face to a name. Your son needs to realize that the Internet is a big place, and that his online profile is being shared not only with his group of friends, but with the entire world! Perhaps a cold dose of reality would wake him up. Tell him that prospective employers have the same Internet access that he does, and that it's really not very hard for them to do a little research before they hire. He may be surprised to find that the "adult world" is Internet-savvy. His future may depend on just a click of the mouse.

But to see the Joyce Brothers reference on SNL, view this video.

Murphy, who was definitely a student of television, was obviously influenced by this James Brown clip.

Incidentally, this blog cited another YouTube version of the clip above, making a reference to a line in an old Police song. +1.


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