Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Unclutterer /Message

Things I learn - I never knew that Stowe Boyd was associated with Unclutterer until I read this post.

Stowe talked about a Matt Buchanan post that addresses what to do when you forget your business card.

I was with the family (as I usually am when attending Indians games) and, in the hubub of getting two young boys ready for a ballgame, forgot my handy-dandy Levenger Pocket Briefcase that carries a spare 5 to 10 cards....

I came up with a solution that, honestly, I thought was goofy at the time, but that I’ve grown to appreciate. I thought “I need a memorable, personal (i.e., not the firm) domain precisely for this situation…one that functions solely to convey my contact info to folks I meet.”

So he created

To my knowledge, Stowe Boyd didn't set up a domain, but he did upload this to Flickr.

Put on my to-do list.

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