Friday, October 31, 2008

Time for another pro-life post, unfortunately (the deaths of Carol Anne Burger and Jessica Kalish)

In some previous posts on this blog, I have examined the "pro-life" tag, wondering what it means to be pro-life.

Then on Friday afternoon I read a story in the Inquisitr about Carol Anne Burger, who apparently committed suicide after murdering her former lover.

Because of a couple of things attached to the story, I suspected that it would be quite easy to find people who didn't value the worth of Carol Burger's life.

I was right:

Jessica Kalish, 56, spokeswoman for the StopZilla Anti-spyware company, was stabbed over 200 times in the face and back of the head by her jealous former lesbian lover, Carol Burger, 57. Carol Burger was also a deranged anti-american, Obama supporter, and lousy writer for the Leftwing Blog of HuffingtonPost....

This is a case of an old-ass childless lesbian that had a hot flash and murdered her ex. Carol Burger hated herself and her lesbianism, hated the fact she didn’t have any children, and blamed it all on Christians, Republicans, Bush, and the United States. And she took it out in a disgusting, violent rage against the woman who best represented herself: her ex-wife. Not satisfied with killing one childless lesbian, she blew her brains out Kurt Cobain style, bringing the body count to two.

Then there's Fred Hoot:

How does a Philips screwdriver sound as a phallic symbol? Thuk, thuk, thuk.... 220 times are a lot of in-and-outs.

Of course, Carol and Jessica did not have phalli, hence the addition of the screwdriver in their last tryst....

What is a liberal who writes for the Huffington Post doing with a gun anyway? The liberals are generally gun-banners. Oh no, Fred! You forgot again that the liberals do not have to follow the rules they set up for the “common” folk.

So are there any pro-life people out there, or are we stuck with these idiots? Thankfully, Susan Duclos at Wake Up America displays a brain and a heart:

Tragedy and unimagined horror for both families and while I didn't agree with Burger's writing, nor her specific political philosophies, the situation is heartbreaking on a simply human level.

Our sympathies to family and friends of both....

(Note- If you cannot manage to show some compassion for these two women's families and comment appropriately, I ask you show the respect and decency to not comment at all then.)

P.S.- My regular readers know me and I do not have a problem with speaking my mind about liberals, but this is not a liberal or conservative thing, this was an act of sickness, violence and rage and it goes beyond party lines and political sniping.

Tragedy has no political affiliations.


Perhaps it's opportune to review something to which I alluded in the last post - specifically, the substance view. Here is a summary of the view:

[A] human being is intrinsically valuable because of the sort of thing it is and the human being remains that sort of thing as long as it exists. What sort of thing is it? The human being is a particular type of substance—a rational moral agent—that remains identical to itself as long as it exists, even if it is not presently exhibiting the functions, behaving in ways, or currently able to immediately exercise, these actions that we typically attribute to active and mature rational moral agents.

If we as Christians assert that this is our view of life, then the deaths of Carol Anne Burger and Jessica Kalish are clearly tragedies.

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