Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ramtin Soodmand update, October 16

I recently wrote about Ramtin Soodmand. Here's an update from

The son of an Iranian pastor who was executed for "apostasy" was said to be in solitary confinement Thursday, October 16, and there were concerns he may also faith the death penalty.

Ramtin Soodmand, was recently charged with promoting anti-government propaganda, apparently because of his Christian activities.

Ramtin, who was arrested on August 21, was permitted short phone calls to his wife throughout September, "but has recently been placed in solitary confinement," said the Voice Of the Martyrs Canada (VOMC), an advocacy group closely monitoring the case....

"The charge against Ramtin has sparked concern that he may be tried under a draft law currently under review by the Council of Guardians that proposes a mandatory death penalty for apostasy," VOMC said in a statement to BosNewsLife.

More here, including an account of the summer deaths of Abba Amiri and Sakineh Rahnama after being beaten by Iranian security forces.

Stephen Sizer notes that the Telegraph article detailed the non-extensive governmental response (thinking of government concerns, rather than the concerns of religious organizations or private groups such as Amnesty International).

David Miliband, Britain's Foreign Secretary, stands out as one of the few politicians from any Western country who has put on record his opposition to making apostasy a crime punishable by death. The protest from the EU has been distinctly muted; meanwhile, Germany, Iran's largest foreign trading partner, has just increased its business deals with Iran by more than half. Characteristically, the United Nations has said nothing.

Curly's Corner Shop has more details:

David Miliband our South Shields MP and Foreign Secretary has made a strong appeal to Iran not to pass this bill which it is considering, but for all of the globalism and pan European co-operation, he has received little support at all from his Foreign minister counterparts on the continent. Germany has just increased it’s trade with Iran by more than fifty percent so may be reticent to be seen upsetting the apple cart - just great!

Meanwhile, the U.S. government has taken decisive action by...posting a Voice of America editorial. So much for Bush and Cheney, the Krazy Kowboyz. They haven't even gotten around to DEPLORING Soodmand's arrest yet.

To be continued.

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