Wednesday, October 29, 2008

KOET Undead - Julia Roy starts Tweet Week

Yeah, it's video sharing time, and this is a video with which I can identify. Remember how I decided to launch "Beyond McBama," but I only got around to a few official posts with that title? Well, I am not alone. Julia Roy announced her intention to start a series called "Twitter Tip Tuesday," but then only got around to posting two official installments.

So Julia regrouped and announced Tweet Week, the YouTube channel. Instead of writing about Twitter stuff, she's gonna talk about it. Here's her video kickoff of the series:

Now, from my perspective, I may ask - why is Julia only getting around to doing this NOW? Actually, she's timed this perfectly. While my Twitter usage may have decreased substantially, there are tons of new people who are just getting into Twitter right now. As an example, Mrs. Loquacious just joined Twitter over the weekend - and is already addicted. (If you're not familiar with Mrs. Loquacious, let me just say that she is my Favorite Female Canadian Blogger Who Falls Asleep to "It's a Small World" Every Night.)

So perhaps Mrs. Loquacious and the new Twitter adopters, as well as the old ones who have been around for a while, will get some goody out of Roy's latest effort.

My only question: at about two minutes and ten seconds into the video, Julia starts this arm thingie. Is this supposed to be the official Tweet Week dance? And is it a ripoff of the WorkFastTV dance (10 seconds in)? And does this mean that if I ever make a commitment to video, I have to come up with an Ontario Emperor dance? (I have a "Your Time Has Expired" dance that is like Rocky Horror's "Time Warp" dance, only not as entertaining.)

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