Thursday, October 23, 2008

If Kim Amidon Dated Merrill Jessop, my blog would be in the stratosphere

So what's happening in the diverse worlds of religious fundamentalism and soft radio?

Starting with Jessop, we find this little tidbit about Warren Jeffs, from the Kingman Daily Mirror:

Warren Jeffs' attempt to relinquish control as the "key holder" of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints may have backfired.

Jeffs' attorneys filed a motion last month to suppress any evidence gathered from the Yearning for Zion Ranch in Eldorado, Texas....

Mohave County Attorney Matt Smith filed a response to the motion on Sept. 26. He argued that [attorney Michael] Piccarreta and Jeffs had no standing to file the challenge to the Texas search because during his incarceration in the Washington County Jail in Utah, Jeffs had relinquished his leadership of the church and his control of church property.

And Merrill's ex-wife Carolyn, in advance of an October 21 appearance at the Friends of the Park City (Utah) Library, noted that she thought that "Big Love" was unrealistic.

One plotline, about a plural wife who racks up thousands of dollars of credit-card debt, particularly bothered Jessop. In the show, her husband bails her out. In real life, a wayward FLDS wife would not have been in that situation. "She never would have done that," Jessop explained in a telephone interview Monday. "She wouldn't have been allowed to have assets in her own name."

Ironically, Jessop is currently working...making costumes for "Big Love."

Well, when you have eight kids, you work wherever you can.

And, if you don't mind a rather wild transition, let's look at an interview with Kristin Cruz, of Mark and Kristin fame.

"When I first met Mark, I had been a fan of the show for so long – the legendary Mark & Kim program – it was like a fan winning a contest and getting to meet those celebrities you hear on the radio," she said in a phone interview.

Cruz, a new mom – daughter Isabel is six weeks old – is quick to want to set the record straight. She is not replacing Kim Amidon, who was let go by KOST after 22 years on the morning show with Wallengren. Long story short, his contract was renewed and hers was not.

"I grew up listening to KOST. 'Love Songs' at night was the soundtrack to my teenage years. Kim (on the morning show) broke down doors for all women in radio. We all owe a debt to her. If replacing her were what was to be asked of me, it would be impossible.

"I'm just asked to be myself, and I hope that's enough to win the hearts of everyone."

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