Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pandora update - oops, John Conyers and Don Manzullo didn't stay bought

Sometimes friends can agree to disagree, and that appears to be the case with H.R. 7084.

Take a look at the list of cited supporters of H.R. 7084 in Tech Daily Dose, which includes Howard Berman, John Conyers, Jay Inslee, Donald Manzullo, and Lamar Smith.

Now compare that list to the list that I posted earlier today of House members who received contributions from the NABPAC in 2008.

Howard Berman and Jay Inslee do not appear on the list of NABPAC money recipients.

John Conyers, however, did receive a NABPAC contribution of $4,500 in 2008, and Don Manzullo received $2,000.

Lamar Smith is an interesting case; his listed contribution total is ($500). Does that mean he gave money back?

Let's take a look at a couple of Senators and their adherence to the lobbyist line. Take a Senator from Illinois:

A look at Obama's past relationships with lobbyists shows that, for most of his political career, Obama wasn't as attentive to the appearance of coziness with special interests as he is now. But it also shows that he often voted against the interests of his lobbyist friends, and he helped pass two significant upgrades to Illinois campaign finance and ethics laws.

While McCain has also supported ethics laws, how has he behaved with regard to being beholden to lobbyists? Two words: Keating Five.

You want to play rough? Let's get it on.

A new ad from Sen. John McCain's campaign accuses Sen. Barack Obama of being a product of the Chicago political machine. Convicted former Obama supporter Tony Rezko is among those referenced in the ad.

That was Mayor Daley's angry message to Republican presidential nominee John McCain on Tuesday about the McCain ad that smears Daley's brother in an attempt to tie Barack Obama to the "corrupt Chicago political machine."

In essence, Daley warned McCain that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. He was talking about McCain's role in the so-called "Keating Five" savings and loan scandal.

"You had the Keating Five. We had the biggest scandal in America called savings and loan. The biggest scandal. People lost their homes because of greed. And no one is inferring [wrongdoing by] Sen. McCain and the others, who were always known as the Keating Five. So, if people start throwing dirt and mud, remember it comes back and hits you right in the face," Daley said....

"Remember: People lost their life savings, their own homes for a guy named Keating out of Arizona," Daley said.

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