Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oracle OpenWorld Update from Moscone West, 3rd Floor, Sunday at 5:15 pm PDT

I'm actually at a computer in Moscone West right now, so I can be a little more verbose than I can with my mobile phone posts. (My apologies to you.)

The computer, by the way, is running Internet Explorer 6, in a semi-protected mode. Jake Kuramoto has made a similar observation about the use of IE6 on the wide screens dispersed around the joint. I'd link to Jake's tweet, but I haven't figured out how to start a new window yet (again, the semi-protected thingie). So perhaps the really complex, link-happy blog posts may not appear until late in the evening, when I have access to my own laptop.

Plans are to watch Carville and Matalin from a TV somewhere (they start their act in about a half hour), then meander my way over to the blogger meetup.

Incidentally, this is the first year that all of my records were straight so that I could officially register as an Oracle OpenWorld alumnus. This rated me an Oracle jacket (thankfully, not bright red), which will be handy on The Streets of San Francisco.

One benefit of Oracle's green initiative this year: my conference bag wasn't stuffed with a whole bunch of advertisements that I'd have to throw away anyway. (This may have done me in last year; I cleaned out my bag so thoroughly after registration that I got rid of my wristband.)

Speaking of music - if I said anything in this blog about musical activity in the Cow Palace, I was mistaken. The OpenWorld Appreciation Event will be on Treasure Island, not at the Cow Palace. You'd think the cows would like country, but maybe they weren't keen on the red, red wine. It makes them a little bit crazy, beyond belief. (Yes, I know I should confine my musical bad jokes to my music blog, but I can't help myself.)

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