Friday, September 5, 2008

OK, who are the likers?

I figured that, just for fun, I'd take a look at people's weekly "like" figures on FriendFeed as of Friday, September 5, 10:00 pm Pacific time. Obviously these things fluctuate, and people like more things or less things depending upon their mood, but I thought I'd look at it.

edythe 2509

joffi 1374

rahsheen 645

kylelacy 520

eclipse115 415

ontarioemperor (me) 384

shey 383

monasfeed 345

scobleizer 303

misterjt 187

louisgray 168

duncanriley 120

Now this statistic in and of itself doesn't mean much of anything, because we all do things differently. For example, in many cases if I comment on something, I also like it. There are usually only two times in which I will comment on something and NOT also like it:

  1. When death is involved. I know what I mean by "like," but if someone's dealing with a death, I don't want them to misconstrue my feelings.

  2. When I wrote it - because I can't. But even here there are exceptions, because I as ontarioemperor have been known to like some of the empoprises items.
Again, this is unscientific and unreliable, but the subject.

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