Friday, September 19, 2008

Is Mike Kernell qualified to be a Congressman?

Not too long ago, there were a number of questions raised about John McCain's lack of technical savvy, with a substantial number of people believing that McCain's inability to use a computer made him an undesirable President.

Ignoring the questions about why McCain didn't use a computer, let's take a look at a recent revelation.

Mike Kernell, a Congressman from Tennessee, has a son named David. As I write this, David has been accused of being the person who hacked Sarah Palin's email account. Sharon Cobb has come to Mike Kernell's defense:

On a personal note, I need to say something about Mike Kernell. Rep. Kernell has more integrity than almost anyone I know. He doesn't lie, cheat or steal, and helps people whenever he can.

When I was sick, he'd leave soup by my door after a long day of work. When I needed a friend, Mike was there for me as he is not only for his friends, but for strangers.

If David does turn out to be involved in hacking, Mike Kernell had nothing to do with it.

Then she made this statement:

Anyone who knows Kernell, knows he doesn't even email because he hates computers and is computer illiterate. That's the irony. Everyone who knows Mike is chuckling because he hates computers.

Everyone who knows Mike Kernell is chuckling because he's computer illiterate? But doesn't that disqualify him from holding national office?

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