Saturday, September 27, 2008

The GOP Take on H.R. 7084

In the comments to the Pandora post, Etienne shared a link to a Legislative Digest from the House Republican Conference. Here's the operative language on what it says on H.R. 7084:

The principal purpose of the legislation is to facilitate a reduction in Internet streaming rates, something H.R. 7084 will permit to be voluntarily negotiated by willing parties rather than imposed by Congress. Essentially, this bill will allow SoundExchange, the organization which collects royalties on behalf of the music industry, to reach a settlement with the Digital Media Association, the national trade organization for the online audio and video industries.

Webcasting refers to media files distributed over the Internet using streaming media technology. Many news organizations, including the BBC and CNN, have webcasting features. Additionally, popular Internet radio websites such as Pandora utilize webcasting technology to broadcast music.

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