Monday, September 29, 2008

Conducting important research - who the heck is Emma Rigby?

Having been inspired by a post by Jamie in Eye of Polyphemus, I have dedicated myself to performing important research.

It turns out Emma Rigby is best known for a role on the British television series Hollyoaks. Here's a sample of her work:

But, lest you think that Rigby is primarily known for her appearance, it should be known that there are more substantial things about her, as these insightful questions illustrate:

Name: Justin
Location: Bradford
Question: What is your favourite meal? Favourite restaurant?
I like most things, but I love fish and vegetables. My favourite restaurant is The London Carriage Works in Liverpool.

Name: Lee Allen
Location: Hull
Question: r u single? i fink ur doin really well in ur storyline ur fit!!!!!!

Name: Ste
Location: Leeds
Question: hi, is your belly button innie or outie?
Ha ha, LOL. it is an innie, what's yours?

Actually, there is a more serious side to some of these questions.

Name: Penny
Location: Hull
Question: Emma, having suffered from anorexia, i think you did a brilliant job of portraying this illness. Did you find it difficult to do all the scenes when she is ill, and how did you research the role? Thanks

Hi, I am sorry to hear that you have suffered with anorexia I hope that you are receiving lots of help and support. I did find the scenes very emotionally and physically draining but I had good support from everyone at work and the whole subject was thoroughly researched being in direct contact with counsellors of BEAT who were extremely helpful in our understanding of some of the issues surrounding the subject of eating disorder and the impact on not just the sufferer but family and friends.

Name: Katy Ansell
Location: England
Question: Hello Emma, I just wanted to know, do you actually become anorexic to play the part. Because wouldn't that make you ill as well? I hope the hannah character survives!!! katy

Hi Katy, most definitely not! It certainly would not be good for my health to do that. I spent hours in make up and wore very baggy clothes! The make up department were amazing with the effects they achieved, they made me look so unwell at times.

Name: danni
Question: how did you find the anorexic storyline?
was it hard for you to deal with as a person or could you change roles
quickly? what do you personally think about anorexia?

It was a fantastic storyline to be a part of, as an actress the storyline is perfect and something I couldn't wait to be a part of. It was hard to let go of the role and it was quite upsetting.

The storyline itself was discussed in MailOnline a year ago:

Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks will become the first TV soap to highlight the deadly risks of anorexia in a controversial storyline to be screened this summer.

As the size zero debate continues, the show will explore the potentially fatal consequences of the social pressure to be thin.

The storyline will focus on one of Hollyoaks's most popular characters Hannah Asworth.

Hannah - played by Emma Rigby - will develop the illness after befriending an anorexic model.

Melissa (Carla Chase) manipulates her new friend and teaches her weight-loss techniques.

The pair become "anorexic buddies", encouragaging each other to starve themselves, but their weight-obsession ends in tragedy when one of the girls dies.

Considering that we're still talking about Emma Rigby of Hollyoaks today, I think you can guess which woman died.

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