Monday, August 25, 2008

Online Media Cultist does not repeat CNN's mistake regarding loss of content control

ReadWriteWeb reported that CNN has now enabled embeddable videos, which means that you can take CNN content and easily integrate it into your blog or website.

Of course, we all realize that they're insane to do this. By allowing people like me to incorporate CNN content into blogs like this, CNN is engaging in all sorts of evils, including improper product placement, conversation fragmentation, and brand dilution. For example, take this video about La China, the Argentine dog that took care of an abandoned human baby:

The big danger, of course, is that I could take this story and pair it with another network's coverage of the same story. Well, I could if the BBC allowed embeddable videos, but they don't yet.

Of course, CNN already risked all by putting videos on its website in the first place. Everyone knows that the sole purpose of a website is to direct people to leave their computers, go to their television sets, and watch things on the danged cable, in the order in which they were meant to be shown.

Seriously, the whole "sponsored video" movement is one of the most interesting cases of fragmentation yet. And yes, it is of course beneficial, as Online Media Cultist notes:



Actually, Online Media Cultist noted some very good things, and I was going to quote from them...but I'm prevented from doing any copying.

Too bad, Online Media Cultist, because I was ready to promote your brand and your content for you.

As someone once said.

Hanging onto your content tightly...well, you get the drift.

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