Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Update from Ray

When I started the mrontemp blog, I put the Ontario Empoblog on comment moderation to keep it from becoming spam-infested. Therefore, I had to approve the following comment:

This is Ray...
I changed my blog to :

I'm almost 20 years old now ^_^

The comment was added to an April 23, 2006 post which, among other things, looked at the blog of Christopherus Ray'onaldo, an Indonesian exchange student who was living in Texas. The blog has since been removed, but it mentioned some of the things that were going on during that exchange year.

So what is on Ray's mind today?

This is my new blog.
I deleted my old blog (chrray.blogspot.com)
About me now :
I'm studying German in StudienKolleg Indonesia now
Hopefully I can start my college this year.
My English is not really good, it's kinda mixed up with German

But it's obvious that his AFS year was a defining year in his life.

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