Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tons of money a beautiful world make

I was confused.

When I wrote my White Album listening party post, I was sure that I had blogged a lot about Natalie Sawyer. However, I was only able to find this post in mrontemp.

Turns out I was getting Natalie Sawyer confused with Jo Wheeler, whom I blogged about here. Sort of; it was just a link.

Dang, these Sky people all look alike to me.

Here's Natalie Sawyer:

I was unable to find a video of Jo Wheeler, but I did previously find her biography.

Jo travels 985 miles to the Sky News Weather Centre every week from her home in Portugal where she lives with her husband and five children, and she has recently embarked on a campaign to set up an English speaking school there.

Instead of a video of Sky News' Jo Wheeler, I found this quality video on YouTube:

Does the title confuse you? Pay attention.

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