Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tocaya, Louis Gray, and BeTwittered


I learned about this from this FriendFeed thread that started after Louis Gray's tweet. Gray himself made a comment:

Of interest... i didn't send this. So is this a test case for someone to show they can use my account? Note the source of the tweet isn't from any app I've used before.

Interestingly enough, BeTwittered is the source of both Louis Gray's tweet and Tocaya's tweet.

So before we gang up on Twitter, I wonder if this has to be with BeTwittered's implementation? After all, as Louis Gray said - I mean, didn't say - "Web apps are not yet 100% trustworthy."

According to this conversation, people either love or hate BeTwittered.

[UPDATE 8:25 AM]

Shawn offered the following comment here:

Ontario, unless betwittered has louis's id and password in their db or bypass's the api security that requires an id an password, I doubt it's betwittered's issue. The tweets came in almost 3 hours apart, so it could be part of twitters constant db issues, or a cache issue that will go away next time the cache is refreshed.

[UPDATE 9:08 AM]

Mike Doeff had a possibly related issue, and BeTwittered was not involved. In this case, the standard message for private accounts popped up, labeled as a tweet from notion (via TwitterFox)...but in mdoeff's archive.

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