Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cleaning my grill made me cry

Chris Brogan shared a Steve Garfield post about how Flickr's picture sharing technologies are not necessarily consistent with its licensing methods.

Two sites reposted Christopher Penn's Podcamp Boston T-Shirt photo today and each made an error in following his Creative Commons license....

Flickr's photo sharing tools do not make it easy to carry along the license info when you repost a flickr photo.

With Flickr's new SHARE THIS feature they are carrying on the YouTube method that if you click on a photo, you'll end up on the video's original page and be able to see the license info over there. That doesn't follow the SHARE ALIKE CREATIVE COMMONS license.

I don't know if that was on Robert Scoble's mind when he shared this post about cleaning a grill with an onion. The post, based upon a Flickr photo from allygirl520, includes the following text at the bottom of the post:

(Image: Flickr member allygirl520 licensed for use under Creative Commons)

But let's ignore the licensing stuff for the moment and think about the base issue - how to get your grill clean. Allygirl520 isn't the only person talking about this technique.

Chakl commented at Food Hacks:

I usually find that the use of a warm onion can do miracles on a grill.

Porschedevotee at Green Daily concurred:

One of my friends...told me to simply turn the grill on, cut an onion in half and scrub the cut side over the grill as it's heating up.

I have got to try this.

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