Sunday, June 15, 2008

So what IS xRank?

I saw a Robert Scoble tweet about xRank, and followed the TinyURL link to[GenericXRankAnswer+ScopeLink%3d%221%22+EntityType%3d%22blogger%22]&wf=XRankListEntity&FORM=X6CR

to see the top 20.

Then I clicked on the "What is xRank?" link...and got nothing on my mobile phone.

My mobile phone running Windows Mobile 5.

I'm beginning to think the tech industry has more planned obsolescence than the auto industry. Unfortunately, the industry's efforts to encourage faster capital replacement coincide with their customers' efforts to slow capital replacement.

Well, guess what? My employer won't replace this phone until October at the earliest, so I won't see your fancy content...

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