Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blind Vision

While Loren Feldman and Dave Winer are engaged in a concerted effort to increase the revenues of Network Solutions, GoDaddy, et al, I am trivializing microblogging by taking the "What are you doing?" question to new lows.

Last night, I walked into my living room, sat on the couch...and realized that I had just sat on my glasses, bending them out of shape and popping the left lens out of the frame.

So, naturally, I tweeted (and thus friendfed) about it. If you missed this earth-shattering news because of some inconsequential stuff about some Mugabe guy, let me repeat it for you:

just sat on my glasses. left lens popped out. need eye appt anyway.

The good news? Well, for one, my employer covers me under Vision Service Plan, so my long-deferred eye appointment and glasses replacement will only cost me a copay.

And, in more good news, I was able to pop the left lens back in (though it's kind of precarious) and return my glasses to a somewhat normal angle. I'm still a little scared to wear them, since I'm afraid that the left lens may slip out again, but I can at least wear them while driving.

Off-topic P.S. I like Sharon Cobb, and I'm a registered Republican. And apparently she likes to quote from song lyrics as much as I do. I liked Duncan Riley's comment here.

P.P.S. I last played "Blind Vision" on May 27. Now you know.

[9:30 UPDATE.]

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