Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bizarre random thoughts, Sahara Hotnights, Peter Frampton, Hillary Clinton, and scheduled non sequiturs

I wrote a lot of stuff in Blogger and FriendFeed yesterday, on a number of different topics. As I settled in for the evening last night, I felt in the mood for a non sequitur. So I posted this:

“What if Peter Frampton were a Swedish woman?”

That random thought, which took ten seconds to compose and enter into my phone, was probably one of the more popular things that I wrote yesterday.

And, like all non sequiturs, it is rooted in reality. Specifically, two realities.

Let's start with Swedish women. While Swedish women do not compare with Finnish women, they're certainly up there. Over the years (but especially since I began watching "One World" on IMF), I've found myself listening to more and more Swedish female musicians (Anna Ternheim being a recent example, and Sahara Hotnights being another).

Peter Frampton is also a musician, and for those of us of a certain age..."do you feel"...he was one of the most important musicians..."like we do"...that we had ever heard. In the years before Thriller, and before Saturday Night Fever, Frampton Comes Alive was THE huge-selling album, and his appearance, with the long hair, was as familiar as Billy Joel's white Afro.

But people age. Have you seen VH1 lately? On one of their shows that's devoted to a superficial look at an earlier decade, they have Peter Frampton, with very little hair, talking about guitars or some such. And I think he's in a Geico commercial too, with very little hair. Here's a recent concert clip; he sounds the same, but looks a bit different.

Anyway, those were the motivations in my brain for the non sequitur.

I have a history with non sequiturs. In fact, one of the first appearances of "Ontario Emperor" was in the Usenet group alt.non.sequitur. But that was then, and this is now.

Now is the time when Blogger supports scheduled posts, in which you can queue up some posts (unless you forget to do so) to publish at a later time. I'm already doing this in an Inland Empire (California) blog, and I'm thinking about starting a regular "look at this restaurant/bar" series in an NTN/Buzztime blog.

And I'm also thinking about starting a non sequitur series in this mrontemp blog, but in a regimented sort of way. I don't know how many days a week I'd post the non sequiturs, but I know what time I'd post them.

Stay tuned.

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