Monday, May 26, 2008

You will serve Mariah now.

If you're going to be a dedicated fan of a pop star, it's going to take some work:

Help Mariah Carey’s “Bye Bye” do better on Billboard Airplay Charts by requesting the track on some nationally syndicated radio shows:

* Open House Party - syndicated weekend shows that air across over 100 stations in the USA and another 40 in Canada - email requests to:

* Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 - #1 internationally syndicated radio show & is heard each weekend by more than 70 million people around the world, including virtually every city in the United States, 125 countries, 27 massive ships at sea, and on the Armed Forces Radio Network email a request or ring in using 1-800-RICKDEES while the show airs.

* American Top 40 - syndicated weekly show that airs across over 400 stations worldwide - email a request or ring in using 1-877-AT40-FAN while the show airs.

* Live In The Den - syndicated weekend show that airs on over 60 Urban stations across the United States - request “Bye Bye” via online email here or via your local station that airs the show here!

* Hollywood Hamilton’s Weekend Top 30 - Listened to by approximately 3.5 million people every weekend - request “Bye Bye” via email or ringing when the show airs on: 1-888-77-TOP30.

Yes, if you really love Mariah, you'll call Rick Dees.

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