Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Why a one-eyed guy is better than Bob Costas (the blogs are covering Eight Belles)

I've blogged here and there about Eight Belles' death ever since the Kentucky Derby. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Eye of Polyphemus has shared some thoughts on the issue. Excerpts:

The vast majority who are not put out to stud are euthanized. You may or may not consider that a good thing. I understand racing wears horse’s out. They are galloping at high speeds, forcing their body weight on legs that are in some parts as slender as a women’s wrist....

But all that said, thoroughbreds have an incredibly good life. Owners spend a ton of money to take care of their nutritional and exercise needs with the top trainers and vets looking after them round the clock. After the best retire, they aresent out to pasture to become breeders. I ask you, how bad can living for sex be?

Compare that to some of the horses dragging tourists around New York’s Central Park until they wear out. Or even the Lord only knows how many family pets that get beaten or starved constantly. I would say race horses have it pretty good.

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