Monday, May 12, 2008

What do you want? Another three second video of me in my office?

I was reading Shawn Zehnder Lea's post about the Uncensored Jukebox:

The purpose of Uncensored Jukebox is to expose the entire contents of your iPod, not just the cool songs you tell everyone about. Put your entire music collection on Shuffle and list the first 10 songs.

I happened to be listening to my playlist when I read this, so I figured that I would instead list the last ten songs that came up in my playlist, warts and all. I waited for the current song to end so that I could capture the playlist, but before I could do anything, the next song started to play.

By JC Chasez.

Entitled "All Day Long I Dream About Sex."

I'd say that song fits into the definition of uncool and embarrassing, on so many levels.

I first heard this song a few years ago, back when Eddykins was Eddykins and one of the women on Eddykins' board was a committed JC Chasez fan. Admittedly catchy, I ended up adding the song to my playlist, where it played at that very moment when Shawn was asking about uncool songs.

What's more, I can't get it out of my head. When a song gets lodged in my head, it can stay there for DAYS.

So all that I can do
is inflict the song on you.

Unfortunately, this song can't be embedded in this post, so you'll just have to go here and listen to it.

You're welcome.

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