Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Violating the Space Time Continuum

Now I'll grant that we violate space and time all the...um...time. An Australian can say something on Monday, and I'll reply on Sunday.

But Pastoral Ponderings cites an example that's somewhat extreme. Take a look at the entries for this UPS shipment:

Tracking Number: 1Z A72 28W 02 8741 --- -
Service: 2ND DAY AIR
Weight: 1.00 Lb
Shipped/Billed On: 05/02/2008
Delivered On: 10/25/2006 4:59 P.M.
Delivered To: NEW YORK , NY , US

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to serve you.
Tracking results provided by UPS: 05/03/2008 1:23 P.M. ET

But we all have our own examples. How many of you use products with a state-based workflow, and take some shortcuts to get an item through all of the states really quickly? "So the data's telling me that this bug fix request was sitting for three months, and then was fixed, built, tested, and deployed in five seconds?"

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