Sunday, May 4, 2008

Some Great Videos

I'm getting into passive entertainment lately.

One night this weekend I watched a Star Wars 4-6 documentary, and tonight I'm watching the Depeche Mode 86-98 DVD. (Actually, I skipped all of the Violator videos. Good album, so-so videos.)

I have decided that if Depeche Mode ever loses its fan base, and/or EMI kicks Daniel Miller to the curb (or kerb, or whatever), SOFAD and Ultra would make a great double album. Their similarities outweigh their differences - both are tense affairs with brief moments of rejoicing.

Video-wise, if I had to choose favorites (or favourites, or whatever), I'd choose "Stripped" and "Little 15."

If they ever made a video for "Pleasure, Little Treasure," I'm glad I didn't see it - or hear it. If you didn't know, I utterly abhor that song.

Oh, "Useless" is playing now. I admire the plumage on that video. Especially after a long squawk...

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