Thursday, May 22, 2008

Room Service

I've already blogged about FriendFeed's rooms...just not in this blog. (By the way, check out the Empoprise-IE room - Russell Reno is already adding content.

Here's what others are saying.

From Corvida:

While this is nice and I’m wholeheartedly going to enjoy watching what groups pop up, the pessimistic side of me wonders if this will play into the fact that we all have circles. The rooms are available to be either private or public. Will we see elite rooms start to pop up where only certain people are able to get access? Of course. While this isn’t against the rules one bit, I think we can all see where it could head to in the end. Gossip anyone?

Dave Winer:

I created a room for Scripting News. What shall we use it for? I have no clue. Help me figure it out.

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