Sunday, May 18, 2008

Peace is war - just ask Abdul Hadi

This is a few days old, but still timely.

Reverse_Vampyr linked to Jihad Watch, who linked to an Associated Press article in the International Herald Tribune dated May 14.

A teacher was shot to death in northern Afghanistan after he gave a speech condemning suicide bombings, officials said Wednesday.

Abdul Hadi criticized such attacks as un-Islamic and un-Afghan during a speech Tuesday in the Archi district of Kunduz province, said Khair Mohammad Subat, the provincial education department director.

Hadi spoke at a gathering of about 700 people, including the Kunduz governor, and was on his way home when he was killed, Subat said.

I couldn't find out any more about Abdul Hadi beyond the IHT article; it turns out that Abdul Hadi is a fairly common name. But I was able to find a 2002 United Nations profile of the Archi district, which said in part:

Economically speaking, the district is very bad as it was a front line area for many years and as a result suffered widespread destruction of housing and infrastructure. Further, the sustained conflict in the area seriously affected the agriculture there, and as a result unemployment is high.

Perhaps things have gotten better in the past six years, but that doesn't mean that the area is peaceful. Of course, assassinations can occur at any time; we're about to mark the 40th anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination in Los Angeles, California.

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