Saturday, May 3, 2008

N'Sync - will asynchronous communications decrease in importance?

Facebook doesn't like people with pseudonyms, so I don't play there. But I can generalize what Jeff Pulver said in this post.

Now I've been a fan of asynchronous communications for years. I can communicate on my own schedule without interrupting other stuff.

But Jeff got me thinking. There have been several events over the last six months - the Larry Ellison keynote at Oracle OpenWorld 2007, the Super Bowl Ads thingie, plus various political debates, sporting events, and the occasional natural disaster - in which you COULDN'T participate asynchronously. You had to be there at the time, or you couldn't participate at all.

Please note that the Rose Parade was an unusual exception to this rule.

So engage in real time (except when you don't) and carry on...

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