Monday, May 26, 2008

If you are not a parent, you probably won't want to read this

There are certain things that parents just have to do. Ask Mandy:

I have decided to go full force with the potty training. School is now over and we have no where we have to be (imagine that) so here we go. Collin has everything necessary to do this ON HIS OWN but instead of Eric's and mine stubbornness cancelling each other out Collin got BOTH genes for that. Times 839,624. I have cleaned feces out of underwear twice today so far - AND out of my nails -GROSS.

But she has a solution:

So I am now considering putting a maxi pad in his underwear- if he is lucky I wont subject him to the kind with "wings."

Women, I've never understood this whole "wings" thing. I haven't ever seen any of you fly.

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