Monday, April 14, 2008

Zong, the trademark war

Obviously there is going to be a big fight over the use of the "Zong" name. Does Echovox get it, does China Mobile get it, or do the stoners keep it?

So far I've only found one legal claim to the Zong name. If you go to the bottom of The Zong Blog, you can see this text:

© 2007–2008 Echovox Group — Zong is a registered trademark of Echovox

However, this does not state where the "Zong" trademark was registered.

A U.S. Patent and Trademark Office search lists twelve live trademarks that include the word "Zong." The trademark of interest is this one, with US Serial No: 77104740.

However, I have no idea what China Mobile has claimed in China, Pakistan, or anywhere else, nor do I know what Zong Bongs has claimed in the United Kingdom or elsewhere.

The big trademark clash of interest would be between Echovox and China Mobile. And this could get ugly; remember the iPhone trademark controversy that I discussed on the Ontario Technoblog in January 2007?

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