Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What does it mean when you tell complete strangers about your dinner plans before you tell your coworkers?

And I actually like my coworkers.

From Twitter:

just got a call. i will be stopping at el pollo loco on the way home to pick up dinner. sounds good to me.

And I already got a reply from @karenswim:

@oemperor Oh man I miss El Pollo Loco!

Which prompted a response from @sushiday (whom I had never heard of before this):

@karenswim Hehe yeah, still just late afternoon here. :D And mmm El Pollo Loco is yummy! You don't have it there?

@karenswim replied:

@sushiday No! I miss the food in CA, Michigan is sorely lacking, so often I'll think of something and realize they don't have it here.

@sushiday responded:

@karenswim :( Hopefully places like El Pollo Loco and In N Out will expand a bit so you can enjoy them there too!

But it could be worse. My German daughter just wrote my wife and asked for tortillas and refried beans.

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